Four-channel power amplifier, 4x1350W/8ohms, 4x2200W/4ohms with integrated 48kHz DSP processor, 48-bit
Fixed-Point DSP, 24-bit A/D and D/A converter

DSP processor:
Input: 4 channels
Output: 4 channels
PC input: 1 USB port on the front panel, 2 RS485 ports on the back panel (RJ-45)
Processor: 48kHz sampling rate, 48-bit fixed-point DSP, 24-bit A/C and C/A converter
Dynamic range: >110dB
Frequency range: ±0.25dB, 20Hz ---20kHz
Distortion: <0.01%, 20Hz - 20kHz +10dBu balanced input
Signal to noise ratio: >110dB
Filters: Each output channel can be independently set as LPF, HPF and APF, parameters can be changed, filter types: Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley; crossover frequency:20Hz--- 20kHz, filter order:12,18,24 or 48 dB/octave
Equalization: Band:0.2 to 36 oct,
Frequency:20Hz to 20kHz, level: -24dB +12dB, step: 0.2 dB
Delay: 0ms – 115ms
Display: 2 x 20 LCD
Memory: 20 user cells

8Ω: 4 × 1350W
4Ω: 4 × 2200W
2Ω: 4 × 2500W
8Ω: Bridged 2 × 4400W
4Ω: Bridged 2 × 5000W
Frequency range: 20Hz – 20kHz ±0.5dB
THD+N: 0.10%
Signal/Noise: 110dB
Input impedance: 20KΩ balance
Output connectors: Speakon (NEUTRIK)
Power Supply: 200 - 240V / 50-60Hz
Weight: 13.5kg
Dimensions: 483 × 377 × 88mm